At Legend Property Group, we’re committed to innovative solutions and building communities. Development should be sustainable – so from financing to property management, we aim to make living affordable, integrate environmentally conscious technologies, develop high-quality commercial space for forward-thinking businesses and provide purpose-built support to the Extra Care market.

About us

We live and breathe property. Based in Manchester, we’re motivated by the constant advancement of commercial growth in the North West. As a team of development specialists and enthusiasts, our heart lies with regeneration – and that means keeping a keen eye on the market.

This places innovation at the forefront of our service, and we strive to deliver residential and commercial solutions that benefit all stakeholders. In our commitment to providing suitable housing and accommodation, we also specialise in the extra care sector.

We build communities, not buildings, and always intend to invest in those in the surrounding areas just as much as the land itself.

  • Residential developments

    It is widely known that the housing market needs support. LPG strives to present that support in the form of our chosen projects, from trendy living spaces in the most desired areas of the North of England to affordable homes that first-time buyers can realistically purchase.

  • Commercial developments

    The creation of jobs is one of the most sure-fire ways to reignite a community and encourage growth. LPG specialise in enterprise facilities and as such have partnered with Salford City Council and Salford University to deliver an Innovation District. It is our firm belief that the ability to combine education with local business will secure future growth in that area for the foreseeable future.

  • Extra care developments

    Extra care facilities are not what we do, it is a part of who we are. There is a growing concern amongst the public sector that our population is not equipped to handle the elderly and vulnerable. The government are turning to the private sector to support those who are in need. Our projects are built with the intention of protecting and caring for all those who would otherwise be left without.

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