Regeneration without Gentrification

‘Gentrification’ is a word that can immediately set people on edge, calling to mind skyrocketing rents, artisan avocado oil soup, and ludicrously priced pints. It is perhaps the dominant concern of regenerative efforts in modern urban planning; once the jokes about cereal cafés and turmeric lattes have been cracked, there are tangible and very understandable […]

A new future for New Cross

GreenYard is just one of the exciting projects that Legend is working on in 2020. The development will play a key role in revitalising and regenerating the New Cross area of Manchester. There are huge development plans afoot to transform the area as part of the Northern Gateway; we look back at the area’s history […]

Funding the future of brownfield development

Few parts of society have escaped untouched by the coronavirus, and property development is no exception. Many development projects across the UK, and indeed globally, have stalled or even been withdrawn due to the social and economic challenges we’re currently facing. Despite this uncertainty, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and at […]

COVID-19 Business Continuity Statement

To all our clients, partners and stakeholdersOur Manchester office is currently closed in line with Government and industry guidelines, but please be assured that our team is still working at full strength under our Work From Home policy. This means that all enquiries via phone or email will be picked up as normal, and we […]

What is Waste-to-Energy?

Waste-to-energy is primarily an alternative to the use of landfill, for disposal of materials that cannot be recycled and would otherwise be taking up space at a landfill site. Combustion reduces the volume of waste by as much as 90%, turning it into ash that is either reused or placed in landfill, significantly reducing the […]

Brownfield land: What is it, and why does it matter?

‘Brownfield’ is a commonly used word in the world of property development – particularly in housing. It is something that we at Legend talk about a lot, on our website and on our social media. For those unfamiliar, it can be somewhat confusing. However, brownfield land – and its regeneration – is increasingly a defining […]

Regeneration Is The Key To Success In Property

It can be a hard balance to strike, gentrification vs. regeneration. Improving residential areas with stylish apartments and commercial lots can cause friction in the community. Across the UK there are large areas of land, dotted with former industry relics. However, old mills, derelict warehouses and desolate land present huge opportunities, particularly in North West […]

Britain’s Care Crisis – And How The Property Sector Can Solve It

It’s no secret (or surprise) that our government is struggling under the weight of an expanding population. Life expectancy figures are rising globally, alongside increasing birth rates. It’s almost unavoidable, yet that doesn’t alleviate the strain of providing the facilities for older generations. The UK has vastly underprepared for the growing demand of extra care […]

Land Banking
The Demonisation Of Land Banking

There are opposing views on traditional land banking. Some misleadingly argue that it dramatically contributes to the housing crisis, claiming that the hoarding of land leads to developers being forced to build on greenfield plots. Due to environmental considerations, greenfield land takes considerably more time to be approved. It is simply untrue to assume that […]