Residential Developments

From sleek developments for urban professionals to affordable houses for first-time buyers, our residential projects offer housing for every need. The homes we build create communities that people are proud to call home.

Our residential projects are chosen with an eye to the future. We look to be at the forefront of emerging and resurging communities, providing sustainable options for a range of needs across the North West and wider UK.

There is a crisis in UK housing, especially affordable housing. We hope that by taking neglected land and transforming it into beautiful modern homes, we can take our place amongst the property developers addressing this vital need and changing the country for the better.

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Commercial Developments

We work to stimulate communities, create jobs, and attract business talent with commercial developments prioritising innovation and pragmatism.

Quality commercial development is the key to seeing an area grow – particularly those areas further from London. Our commercial developments explore new technologies and solutions, invigorating economies and communities in the process.

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