Our Approach

At the core of our business model is a focus on regeneration and transformation. We take disused and neglected pieces of land, often brownfield, and transform them into modern, conscientious developments.

Our approach to the property sector is three-pronged: regenerating unused land, investing in key underdeveloped areas, and providing a alternative to substandard residential and mixed-use developments. Whatever the nature of our project, we prioritise sustainability and achieving the highest possible building standards.

We want to see local economies stimulated through updated industrial sites and attractive commercial spaces. In all of our commercial developments, we embrace innovation, whether it’s cutting-edge sustainable energy practices, or supporting up-and-coming disruptive startups.

We target areas for residential developments that are ideally positioned for resurgence. We want to blaze a trail in revitalising communities and seeing them grow and prosper.

The current UK property sector has several noted gaps, including a lack of affordable housing provision, and the need to bring industrial plants up to modern sustainable standards. We hope to deliver some long-overdue changes in the market, taking our part in the community of forward-thinking developers reinvigorating the country’s property landscape and working to solve its historic problems.

Our first landmark is investing £100 million in neglected areas in the North West, pumping lifeblood back into the area’s industrial heartlands. We’ve watched the region boom around us, attracting some of the UK’s biggest and most iconic businesses. High quality and sustainable residential and commercial developments are the key to seeing this upward movement continue. As former centres of industry turn their focus towards new technologies, their disused industrial lands are perfect candidates for being regenerated and put to future-focused use.

Our ambition continues to grow alongside our portfolio, and we hope to use our deep well of experience and knowledge to make our mark across the world of UK property.