Our Expertise

Legend Property Group is led by directors Ansar Mahmood and William Broadbent, who share a wealth of experience in both property and finance.

Our team of hand-selected property specialists are experts in recognising value in neglected land and transforming it into a vibrant place to live or work. We have recognised the unique opportunities that the North West provides, but our ambitions stretch across the country.

Inspired by our home in Manchester, we specialise in regenerating neglected industrial land and injecting new life into it. Once our team have recognised the value in a piece of land, we and our partners work tirelessly to see it turned into a residential or commercial development, either addressing the country’s lack of high-quality housing, or offering fresh, forward-looking alternatives to substandard or unfit-for-purpose commercial real estate.

We work with some of the most trusted names in UK property, utilising their specific expertise for guidance and support, helping us continue to grow and innovate.